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Pet therapy falls easily under the umbrella of Nature Therapy, and this old Jack Russel terrier is one alternative health



I walk more, smile more, and meet more people in the community, which improves all three Quality of Life (QoL) indicators: physical, mental, and social.

Natural Sounds Research

Research suggests that visual impressions of natural, compared with urban, environments facilitate recovery after psychological stress. To test whether auditory stimulation has similar effects, 40 subjects were exposed to sounds from nature or noisy environments after a stressful mental arithmetic task. Skin conductance level (SCL) was used to index sympathetic activation, and high frequency heart rate variability (HF HRV) was used to index parasympathetic activation. Although HF HRV showed no effects, SCL recovery tended to be faster during natural sound than noisy environments. These results suggest that nature sounds facilitate recovery from sympathetic activation after a psychological stressor.


Keywords: soundscape, nature sounds, environmental noise, skin conductance level, heart rate variability, stress recovery







 Stephen  Pettengill

Horicultural Therapist

Landscape Designer
Portland, Oregon


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