1. This photo shows a set made of Port Orford Cedar, a rare type of Cedar native to Japan and Southern Oregon. These pieces were hand-made from a stand of timber burned in a forest fire, so no trees were harmed to build this set! The king is over 4‘3” tall, and the squares on the board are 2’ x 2’, usually made from stone or colcored concrete.  The photo shows squares made of two kinds of slate.


The Cabbages & Kings theme was inspired by the 100th Anniversy of Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland books, which adds to the surreal nature of this performance art installation.

2. The recycled metal set uses various types of metal for a lightwieght, durable and attractive set.  The King is about 4’ tall, and the ‘board’ should be at least 14’ x 14’, allowing for room on the sides to put captured pieces, etc. Photo’s to follow...


Note: many educational and social benefits can be achieved during the construction and design of a recreational art concept.  The process of creating community game spaces is itself a collaborative process with potential benefits to glean. Why not extract the most social value from planning to implementation?


Photos coming soon!







 Stephen  Pettengill

Horicultural Therapist

Landscape Designer
Portland, Oregon


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