Horicultural Services for Seniors

The initial pre-design evaluation is an invaluable first step towards a succesful project or program. The design process done in proper sequence, saves money and maximizes the positive impact of natural elements in our lives.  Whatever stage your project is in, my service fees are competitive, and will ensure the success of your project.


Services listed can be applied to a variety of populations and settings: retirement facilities, parks & plazas, congregate housing, hotels and resorts, or residences. 


  • Consultation & Assessment

An overview of your situation, including past history, future goals, and overall themes that will influence the design.


  • Event Planning

Special events planning that celebrate life in creative, meaningful ways.


  • Program Development

For facilities or groups considering ways to implement rewarding activities or environments.  Examples include indoor and outdoor nature related activity planning, co-treatment options, training/support for staff, marketing the program, etc.  See HT page.


  • Recreational Concepts

Recreation, like horticulture, has great potential for social, mental and physical benefit, especially in natural settings. 


  • Grounds Maintenance Support

Facilities looking for ways to cut costs, train personnel, or integrate with the community, should consider this innovative service.  I can help you solve problems by incorporating new trends in water usage, reducing maintenance, improving security and safety, improving accessiblility or increasing aesthetic value.


  • Vocational Training

Group or individual vocational therapy, which includes pre-vocational social skills.  Horticulture is an accessible vocational  option for youth-at-risk and disabled populations.


  • Art Selection & Placement

A well-concieved theme usually guides the selection and placement of art, furniture, and adornments in an environment.  Symbolic meanings may resonate with residents, stimulating the imagination and regenerating the psyche.

Fees & Terms

Rates vary depending on services provided.  Like the populations we serve, every situation is different, and a customized approach works best to ensure equitable pricing for your project.


An initial assessment and consulation is $45/hour, minimum two hours, which includes, but not limited to;


* Guiding themes & design concepts

* Site evaluation & recomendations

* Cost estimates and choice of materials

* Selecting contractors

* Resources, etc.


This is a great value, regardless of what your next steps are; you will have sufficient information to move ahead with confidence.


Long-term program development and design prcesses to be negotiated; agreements will specify personnel, timelines, and expectations of all parties involved. 










 Stephen  Pettengill

Horicultural Therapist

Landscape Designer
Portland, Oregon


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