Recreation and liesure activities are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle!


Recreational activities can also be adapted, to offer opportunities for all community members, including those with special needs.  A short list of benefits include medical rehabilitation, social & inter-generational interaction, team building, problem solving, engaging with nature, building social capital, etc.  Recreational activities and playspaces are great for co-treatment plans implemented by physical therapists and related professions.  Recreation is fun and relevant, with a magnetic appeal that most community building programs find essential.


Adapted and Inclusive Recreation (AIR) is a good example of how recreational activities can help meet the many needs of the diverse communities we live in.  AIR is a Portland-based organization that promotes recreational opportunities for those with special needs of all kinds.  Their services are "designed to assist people in developing and using their leisure time in ways that enhance their health, well-being, and independence."


Traditional and indoor games can be altered in scale and setting to create engaging, accessible, and attractive playspaces.  Included here are just a few of these concepts to consdier for your community or organization.







 Stephen  Pettengill

Horicultural Therapist

Landscape Designer
Portland, Oregon


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